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Dr John Tickell - the ‘Wellness Doctor’ 

Newsletter - BEST HEALTH. 

Let’s talk about Inflammation...... 


the human response to a little cut on your finger or leg is some redness and/or swelling in that immediate area. 

Your Immune System reacts and jumps into action by sending different white cells to help reduce these effects, to eliminate any Nasties and start the healing process 

If, by some chance, there is any infection associated with this skin cut (or deeper), different cells arrive as well at the site to “fight” the infection, and if the infection is winning this battle, anti-biotics may be necessary. 

eg. Penicillin was “invented” early in the 1930s, and many different forms of antibiotics have followed, as bugs can and do build resistance over time. 

Physical Injuries are also followed as our bodies have an acute response, which attempts to prevent further damage (with pain, swelling and lack of movement) and begin the healing process . 


Systemic chronic inflammation is a different character in the arsenal of our body defence. A continuance of low grade infection, injury, toxic effects, virus, allergy can perpetuate a low grade inflammatory state which is long lasting, your body being in a constant state of alert. 

Over time, chronic inflammation can and does have a negative impact on your tissues and organs - it is now universally agreed that a state of chronic inflammation lies at the base of most, if not all, Chronic Diseases, including Diabetes, many Cancers, Dementia conditions, the Ageing process, Heart conditions, Mental Health abnormalities, auto-immune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, M. S. and other neurological deficiencies - 

Why are 25% of Breast cancers now under 50 ? 

Why are 10% and rising Prostate cancers now under 50 ? 

- younger diagnosis - the Cancer is more aggressive! 

Why are more and more under 25s getting Type 2 Diabetes ? 

Why is Dementia happening younger ? 


One of the scientific and medical breakthroughs in the last couple of decades has been the realisation and acceptance that our Gut Microbiome plays a significant role in our oncoming and continuing epidemic disasters, and the younger and younger ages at which these chronic conditions are becoming clinically obvious. The trillions of bacteria in our intestines are controlled and can be modified by and with what I describe as the A C E skills of life - - 

Having been a worldwide Healthy Longevity Researcher for some decades, in more than 100 Countries on our Planet, it has becomes substantially obvious about the connection between moving our 600 muscles and 180 joints to be regularly Active, to be able or learn to Cope much better with the ups and downs in relationships and Life which will and do happen, and so important is our shift away from consuming Real Food from nature, to the questionable Human Interfered with, Fake Food now available in abundance - especially to our children. 

Convenience = Conned 

Eating to live, not living to eat ! 

The Gut - Brain connection is also a must Go To - the Science agrees 

There they are - - Dr John’s A C E skills of life 

A is for Activity - Moving for 25 continuous minutes 6 days out of 7 

C for Coping Better 

E for Eating mostly natural, nutritious food 

In recent times, during my world travels and research, I have come across a Preventive and Management therapy, which is not a drug - and it works, proven by Top Australian Microbiologists. It is a natural food, and contains what we, in the Western World, get so little of - - 

a mix of different types of natural fibres, along with the nutrients of real foods. 

I have rarely used the “F” word, when presenting factual Wellness Information to groups of people in 17 countries, and on radio / TV screens the World over, to an audience of many millions :

BUT, here it is - Fibre , Fibre 

and Factual, Fair dinkum FOOD 

NUTRIKANE™ - the only real food with the TICK SIX 

- the only real food which reduces Systemic Chronic Inflammation 

and reduces Blood Sugar levels 

- cost ? half a take out coffee

 Chat next time, B Healthy ! 

Dr John



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