has been visiting and researching in over 100 countries, studying the habits of the longest living, healthiest people on earth.  

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About Dr. John

Dr John Tickell is a Medical Doctor, an international speaker, bestselling author and television personality, who has spent several decades travelling and studying the health, well-being and longevity patterns of people around the world.


The Good Doctor and his wife Sue have 5 children and multiple grandchildren. Dr John played first grade football with the Hawthorn Hawks in the 1960s, produced a No. 1 Top 40 hit record, and has his books published across many countries.

He applies his own powerful formula of Activity, Eating and Coping skills, which draw on his medical experience, extensive international research and the lifestyle patterns of the longest living people on earth - the Okinawans.

Dr John is a different kind of Medical Doctor - his refreshing and memorable messages change people's lives for the better. 

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