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For our 10yy Members, the first of our Free Seminars and Discussion Evenings is happening on Tuesday 15 April in East Melbourne - details of this and the RSVP will be with you next week.

"Getting The Best out of Life"


We will also be sending you some good news from three of our many successful 10yy ers who have made great changes to their lives.

As well, there is the launch of the newest "Salts of The Earth" - information below
- on Saturday 29 March, in Albert Park, Melbourne.

We trust that you have been able to pop in a few "One Percenters" along the way ?

- have you climbed some stairs today ?
- have you said "thank you" to someone today ?

- have you had the chance to hug someone you love over the weekend ?

You may wish to read about a natural therapy of note -


Interesting !

Along with out two Medical Doctor children, we have visited in total, over 100 Countries on the planet, studying the habits of the longest living, healthiest people on earth.
Medical science has made great advances in the last century and a half, and I am also very aware of beneficial complementary therapies I have taken the time to discover - those that have a basis in scientific fact and which I can recommend, safe in the knowledge that patients are receiving relief from their symptoms.

Salt Therapy is one of those which has a long history dating back to old European days, and which I have researched thoroughly.
The treatment is not a cure, but it has provided relief for many, many adults and children from their symptoms relating to asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, emphysema, and other respiratory diseases, importantly with no side effects !
Salt Therapy has also can have positive effects on skin problems - eczema and psoriasis.

We are offering you the opportunity to visit Salts of The Earth this month or next, on Saturday 29th March, between 10am and 3pm, or any day before then, or after then, and take a tour of the facilities, and consider a marvellous incentive to avail yourself of a relaxing therapy session for you and two friends. (On March 29, you will be able to meet our good friend, Luke Hodge! )

Be good and be healthy !

Dr John Tickell

ps - one of the positive things that enhances the lives of the longest living, healthiest people on earth is their attitude to Integrative Medicine, where the therapies of Eastern and Western Cultures come together and work beneficially with one another.


Please tell the SALTS reception people you would love the DRJOHN23 special -

"TWOBYFREE" - pay for just one treatment and get two more therapies free, for your friends !

SALTS OF THE EARTH - 89 Victoria St. Albert Park. 10am until 3pm. Saturday 29 March

Thank you,

Be good and be Healthy !

Dr John Tickell



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