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C H A D -

I have just returned from the USA and was amazed at some "research" into the retirement village lifestyle, where the mature people who have RE TIRED are supposed to be living out their best years, getting healthy and relaxing well !
Below is a Breakfast Menu which greeted the residents at a local morning restaurant...
We trust they made it through the rest of their day!
By the way, the headline said C H A D -
-  that means Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, and Diabetes.
If CHAD hasn't visited your home yet, it seems like CHAD would be definitely be here at 
          "The Retirement Village!"
Let's take a walk and think about it ?
BREAKING NEWS !    at - 
The biggest Retirement Village in the world - in Florida, USA

 "Classic Breakfast"  at the local Cafe

1.  Monte Christo

Ham and Cheddar Cheese layered in between our homemade French toast and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  
Home Fries extra - 99 cents.      
What?   Powdered Sugar?

Wow!  Morning heart attack on a plate!


 2.  The Bacon Belly Buster

 We start with four slices of crispy bacon, top that with 2 scrambled eggs and melt on 2 slices of yellow American cheese all on toasted brioche roll.    
Home Fries extra - 99 cents.

Another Wow !  -  2nd Heart Attack, maybe a stroke, plus optional belly busting Colon Cancer !

WHO IS KIDDING WHO? -   the same is happening here!

Good luck - you'll need it! 




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